Frequently Asked Questions

When is my student's portrait day?

Go to the contact us page and let us know where he or she goes to school, and we'll let you know when we'll be on your campus. You should also see a school portrait order form with the date at least a week before picture day. 

My student eats breakfast at school. What if she gets pancakes on her face?

Our photographers are prepared with wet wipes and hair combs, and they do everything they can to make each student look their very best for their moment in front of the camera. Schools also have amazing teachers and parent volunteers who help with this process (contact your school if you're interested in being a parent helper on portrait day).

My son was absent on picture day. Now what?

We will be back on your campus later in the fall for a makeup portrait day. Get in touch with us on the contact page and we'll let you know when that will be. We want to make sure every student has a chance to be photographed!

I'm not thrilled with my student's portrait what am I supposed to do now? I already paid for it...

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee this is a once in a lifetime memory, and we want to make it a great one! If you're not happy with your portraits, we'll do whatever we can to make it right. Our first recommendation is that you send your student to makeup day with their original portrait package and let us know what we can do to take a picture that you love!